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Environmental commitment

As a responsible operator, we recognise the impact we can have on the local and global environment. We are committed to continuously improving our environmental performance throughout the Stew & Oyster business and in accordance with both environmental legislation and the below objectives.

– Where ever possible, we source products from local suppliers to ensure the products we supply are produced with as low a carbon footprint as possible.

– We reduce energy consumption by using energy efficient technologies were ever possible.

– Throughout our business we use electronic methods of communications & look to remove paper consumption where ever possible.

– We recycle as many products as possible.

– Where possible, we collect food waste to be used in the creation of bioenergy.

– We have replaced many plastics from straws through to waste bags and replaced them with bio-degradable plant-based alternatives. We will continually look for future alternatives of plastics that aren’t currently available and aim to be 100% plastic free.

– We work hard with all of our suppliers to look for more environmentally friendly options at all time.


We’d like to thank our supplier Alliance in helping us continue this commitment to improving our environmental performance.