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  • Stew & Oyster

Our food story

Twelve years ago an idea came to us. We thought that people wanted more than crisps and nuts on a night out but that they didn’t want the hassle of leaving the place they were at to visit a restaurant. Can you guess where we were when we had that idea?

That’s right- down t’pub. Where all the best ideas are had.

From that thought, our food concept was created, three very simple stews made out of a very small and simple kitchen.

As we grew so did our kitchen needs and whilst sharing a kitchen with another bar, a second idea was conceived, why do we have to stick to the ways that other people make food and why can’t our chefs do something different, something special? From that thought the Stew & Oyster kitchen was created. One big kitchen full of chefs that can make everything and anything from stew to our own hand-rolled flavoured butter.

Now five years on from that revelation and five venues bigger, out team of 1, Sarah, has grown into a much larger team of talented chefs, working hard every day to make every item on our menu to our own exacting standards and our own recipe.

Our secret is simple, great food made by talented chefs, from the best locally sourced products we can find. We do have one other secret though, the power of water. We don’t use pans or oven, hobs or fryers! We use bespoke built water baths made by our local engineering wizard James. Our chefs prepare every dish, every meal and then we gently heat them in these amazing baths. This ensures that whenever you visit Stew & Oyster your food is the best we can make it every time.



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